AMG Fall/Winter Course Offering

In the past 100% of our programs have been in person, on site, hands on. While we are still providing that "Live" experience, we have expanded the content we have available on line. Most courses consist of four hours study online remote, from home or at our facilities then four hours hands on practice. Independent Projects are always available and are designed to suit the participants needs.

Independant Project

If you are looking to learn something not in the current curriculum please consider proposing a project of your own design. The steps are simple:
1) Write a description of the concept.
2) Create an action plan detailing the steps, crew and equipment that will take.
3) Get Clearance from Program manager or a sponsoring instructor.
4) Enlist Crew, get waivers, schedule production, obtain the gear or studio time

Broadcast Industry Career Tracks

  • Production
  • Tallent
  • Sound & Recording
  • Reporter/Journalist
  • Camera/Producer


PA Basics 101

Production Assistant
Industry Entry Level job
Production Language
Tools of the trade
C-Stand Basics

Pre-Pro 201

Production Stills
Craft Services

Production 301

C-Stand Advanced
Safety Refresher
Grip, Gaff & Electrical

Production 401

Packing and Storage
Media Back-up & Delivery


Off-Air 101

Hosting, Reporting, Commentating and Investigating.
Writing, Reseach, Interviewing.
Networking, Analytics and Communications.

On-Air 201

On air hosting, reporting, commentating.
Handling tough interviews.
Integrating Guest presentations.
Sports Event Field Coverage.

Interview Intensive 301

Oral History
Road Show Gear

Broadcast Project 401

Station ID
News Flash
Social Media Posting
Website Posting
Twitch, Tic-Tok,
Streaming Basics
Demo Reel

Sound Recording

Audacity: Intro to Sound 101

5 Basic Questions, install and trial run.

Sound Recording 201

Set-up Basics, Bars&Tone, Reference tone, Room Tone.
Workflow, Behrenger Setup,

Sound 301

Location Sound, Boom Pole, Shotguns and Rats
Audacity workflow and tips

Mixing Board Magic 401

Mix-Minus Podcasting Streaming and Facebook Live
Noise Gate, Compression, Limiting, Tuning up the Mic


Reporter/Journalist 101

Community Connections, Social Media, Editorial Considerations.
Off air studio interview. Taking Notes, Redundant recording, and still shots.

Reporter "At Large" 201

Field Interview Basics
Roadshow Kit
Create Your Own Segment, Create a show bumper.

On Air Journalism 301

Create a Community Interest segment for Broadcast with a live studio Guest.
Complete report, recaping show, with research into listernership and viewers.

On Air Journalism 401

Produce and Host an on air segment with a Community Leader, Organization or Youth Group


Camera/Producer 101

Camera Basics with Canon
Tripod and Monitor

Camera/Producer 201

On location Camera Setup, White Balance, Sound Check, Monitor, Framing and coposition, Rule of Thirds, Action safe / Title safe,

Camera/Producer 301

Dolly Shots, Boom Shots, Drones and Snorkle Cams
Location Notes for the Editor
Producer Indepent Prodject

Camera/Producer 401

Project Budget, Post Production, Mastering and Deliverables
NDAs, Freelancers, Rental gear.
Producer/Crew Project for Demo Reel.

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